Our clients are able to enjoy the benefits of savings and hassle free operations which includes:

  • Recruiting new staff, training and learning curve, retaining the right talent, etc.
  • Salaries against in house employees
  • Payroll taxes
  • Employee benefits, vacation pay etc.
  • On going administrative and infrastructure expenses

A-One is a California based bookkeeping firm providing end to end bookkeeping and accounting services in an outsourced environment. Our services offerings, rates and processes are tailor made for each and every client and aims to provide a rich experience through in-depth knowledge. With 15 plus of industry experience, the proposed solutions are proven, processes are built to define uninterrupted workflow and robust with a birds-eye view ensuring deliverables on time, flawlessly.

A-One’s endeavor is to help businesses in the areas of bookkeeping and accounting activities to improvise the financial strength. Our rates are pretty reasonable and affordable for clients to accommodate our services as their own bookkeeping team.

Hands on experience with: